Massive Protest Erupt Across The Whole Country!

Muslims living in this land are constantly trying to enforce their own laws in the United Stated. Americans have had it enough are talking doing something about it, when the former administration clearly did not. This is a Christian nation and the Shariah law does not belong here, it goes against this nation believes.

Americans are organizing protests across this whole country to make themselves heard. And it’s not surprising that liberals are saying that this is racist.

“Our Muslim community is feeling a tremendous amount of stress and pressure,” former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, stated. “It’s important for local leaders to express solidarity and make clear we stand against bigotry, against racism and with our Muslim neighbors in the state and beyond.”

This is a problem that needs the American support and needs to be priority. Trump has tried several times to assure the safety of American citizens by creating great laws, but the liberals have shut them down every time.

We can no longer be bystanders, this country is being taken over immigrants and the people have to do something about it. Europe is one example of what can happen to us, since they let immigrants in their lands they are facing a number of terrorist attacks. Trump warned us about the outcome of this but and it’s working very hard to fix this matter. When former President Obama did nothing for the safety of the American citizens.

We hope that this protest can contribute to fixing the problem that we are facing, we have a long way to go but at least we are starting to walk the right path.

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