Smug Thug Shot Cop 4 Times, Officer Shows Up At Court To Deliver Special “Going Away” Gift

A violent thug who tried to murder a Florida cop was recently sentenced to life in prison after he shot the officer four times in his car. Now, video footage from the court sentencing hearing has gone viral after the cop showed up to deliver a special “going away” gift for the thug.

According to Daily Mail, 21-year-old Kevin Rojas was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, after a jury found him guilty on charges of attempted first-degree murder, attempted manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, grand theft auto, and fleeing.

Rojas had tried to kill the undercover cop who was sitting in his car next to his teenage son in 2016 after a traffic stop for erratic driving. Rojas had gotten out of his car and shot through the windshield of the officer’s vehicle striking him four times. Luckily, the officer’s teenage son was unhurt in the incident.

The wounded police officer managed to fire back as Rojas ran away. The thug then stole a truck and raced back to his neighborhood, barricading himself inside his home after crashing the truck at a neighbor’s house. Rojas was shot multiple times after police officers said they saw him through the sliding-glass door pointing a gun at them. Rojas was hit in the torso, leg, and hand, according to ActionNewJax.

During Rojas’ sentencing, the officer he tried to murder in cold blood had plenty to say. “I will take those bullets instead of a fellow officer and an innocent bystander,” the officer said. “If there was a coward on that day, it was Kevin Rojas,” the officer told the court. Then, he addressed Rojas directly as the thug sat in front of the man he tried to kill, handcuffed and in an orange jumpsuit. “When you shot me, even though you shot me four times, when I returned fire and brought the fight back, you started to run like a coward, that’s all you did, run like a coward,” the officer said to Rojas.

Next, the cop taunted Rojas with the special “going away” gift that he had brought along. “So, I got a little gift for you,” he said. As the officer set a bottle of K-Y Jelly on the witness stand in front him, he said, “You’re going to need a lot of this where you’re going little man.” Although Rojas was not allowed to take the officer’s gift with him back to jail, I’m positive that he understood the message. Rojas is going to be spending many sleepless nights in prison due to some unwanted company, and he deserves it.

I’m sure there will be more than a few liberal hand-wringers crying for the devil soon over this incident. They usually sympathize with the violent criminal over the dead or injured police officer in these cases. Luckily, the judge on the case wasn’t one of those who sympathizes with the criminal.

Circuit Judge James Daniel sentenced Rojas to the maximum prison sentence for each of the crimes he committed. Rojas received life in prison plus three 15-year sentences for the lesser charges. Rojas’ family reportedly fled the courtroom in tears after his sentencing.

The judge told Rojas he struggled with the implication of what happened the day he decided to try to kill the officer in cold blood nearly two years ago. He said he could not comprehend how Rojas could arrive at the decision to open fire with an intent to kill.

As the judge read Rojas’ sentence he said, “I’m pretty sure Mr. Rojas doesn’t understand what the rest of his life means.” I couldn’t agree more. Rojas has no idea what life in prison means, yet. Time has a way of bringing understanding to people, and Rojas is no different — only his will be a very tormented reality, and rightfully so.

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